6 Promotional Product Ideas for International Beer Day

International Beer Day brings together beer enthusiasts from across the globe to pay tribute to their cherished beverage. Observed on the first Friday of August every year, the event is a fun-filled day looked forward to by people across age groups.

Breweries and restaurants organize special promotions, tastings, and beer-pairing dinners to mark the occasion. Craft beer festivals take place in various cities, showcasing the rich diversity of American brewing culture.

A lot of people love beer and that’s why American marketers are keen on launching fun campaigns that reach out to potential and existing customers. Every year, a lot of businesses ask us for beer-themed giveaway recommendations that can become a hit with target audiences. Here are some of the custom promotional products that we frequently recommend:

  1. 15 oz. Glass Tankard

This tall and good-looking beer mug has an extra-large handle with thumb rest. Made in the USA, this 15oz. mug will ensure your logo looks great after it is screen printed on it.

  1. 64 oz. “The Beast” Double Wall Stainless Steel Growler

Featured here is a 64-ounce airtight vessel that serves as a small keg. Featuring stainless steel outer and inner walls, this product is copper-lined and can keep beer cold for 18 hours. It also features an easy-to-open lid and a sturdy handle.

  1. Draft Top® Beverage Can Opener

Here’s a unique and classy product you probably haven’t seen before. This product is designed to safely open beverage cans, releasing the potent aroma of the beverage while ensuring a smooth pour.

  1. 14 oz. Mood Beer Stein

This colorful product is the most fun giveaway in this list. The mug changes color when it is filled with cold liquids. It is made of durable plastic and has a sturdy handle. Your recipients will love the color-changing attributes of this mug!

  1. Collapsible Can Cooler

Made of neoprene, this cooler can hold and insulate 12 oz. beer cans or bottles. It can keeps drink cold while preventing cans from sweating. What’s more, this cooler folds flat for convenient storage.

  1. Viking® 16-Can Access Cooler

These custom cooler bags can hold 16 cans. It features a heat-sealed PEVA lining and a front pocket with reflective accent. A side pocket, a convenient shoulder strap, and an easy-to-access top opening are other highlights of these custom cooler bags.

Need more ideas for custom promotional products? Why not get in touch with us and we’ll gladly help. Contact us at info@promodirect.com or 1-800-748-6150 and we will help you launch an exciting campaign for International Beer Day!

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