6 Ideas to Reuse Excess Giveaway Items

Here is a scenario witnessed often in the promotional industry: The marketing team overbuys their promotional giveaways to ensure nobody goes empty-handed from an event. The event is a success but it leaves behind a lot of giveaway items. The problem is that these items won’t be sufficient enough to distribute as standalone giveaways at an upcoming event. And their quantity is not small enough to be ignored.

In a lot of cases, these leftover items are made to sit idle for months and sometimes years without any proper decision on what to do with them!

Surely there’s a better way to go about using excess giveaways? This article discusses some ideas that will help you put excess giveaways to good use!

#1 Donate them to a local nonprofit agency

Look around and you will notice a lot of nonprofit agencies searching for donors who can help the needy. Donating to such agencies will help you gain quality goodwill from the local community.

#2 Distribute them at local events

You could participate in local events and distribute these giveaways to make your presence felt. The occasion could be a fundraiser, a sporting event or an outdoor camp. Participants will associate your brand with the event, helping them remember your business more often.

#3 Use them while making sales pitches

Making a sales pitch? Carry giveaways and hand them over to the person you are meeting with. There is every chance they will favor you more positively!

#4 Use them as prizes for social media contests

Host a contest on your social media profiles and give away t-shirts or mugs as prizes. This is an idea frequently used by a lot of businesses – you won’t go wrong with this approach!

#5 Add them as part of gift baskets

Maybe you could add the excess giveaways to a gift basket you are preparing for a set of clients. This way, you will be able to arrange a comprehensive gift set without investing a lot of money.

#6 Distribute them among customers and employees

Use the excess items as timely brand reminders! Distribute them as “Thank you” gifts among customers and employees. Use them to show your appreciation for their continued association with your brand! They will appreciate the gesture and have a more positive outlook towards your organization.

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