6 Giveaway Ideas for Child Health Day (October 2)

Child Health Day is observed on the first Monday of October every year. This year, it falls on October 2. The first-ever Child Health Day was observed on May 1, 1929 after President Coolidge instituted it in 1928.

The purpose of Child Health Day is to make Americans aware of the necessity of a year-round program to safeguard the health of children in the United States. Child Health Day isn’t popular yet but there is a need to highlight it so that the health of our children receives the priority it deserves!

Since the past two years, we have been receiving a lot of orders for Child Health Day. Make full use of this opportunity and launch a marketing campaign with our range of promotional healthcare items.

  1. Kidz Medi-Spoon


This product is part of our Free 24 Hour Rush Service – order today and we ship the next day! This stand-up pediatric spoon can hold up to 2 teaspoons of liquid. It features a kid-friendly bear face on the backside. Made of medical-grade plastic, this spoon is a must-have at homes with young children.

  1. Giraffe Growth Chart


This bright and colorful growth chart is a scene-stealer! Made in the USA, this growth chart highlights numbers in a clear and attractive manner. Kids will love standing against these charts and taking measurements! Your logo will be prominently displayed on this chart.

  1. Freddy the First Aid Frog


Freddy, the First Aid Frog, is a friendly character who can show kids what they can do to help friends, family or even themselves if they get hurt! This 16-page coloring book features an interactive storyline with fun characters eager to teach valuable lessons. This book also has a unique wrap-around cover illustration that invites kids to finish coloring the whole book! Other highlights include word scramble, word search, jokes, and a signature page.

  1. Doctor’s Office Coloring Book


Here is another coloring and activity book for kids! It highlights the importance of regular check-ups to help a child stay healthy. This product is the perfect addition to a doctor’s waiting room. It helps to remove the fear usually associated with doctor visits in small children.

  1. Spray Pen Hand Sanitizer


This FDA-approved sanitizer features moisturizing aloe and vitamin E. Comprising 62% alcohol, it comes with a secure pocket clip to ensure it can be carried around with ease. This product will fight germs while highlighting your brand!

  1. Drug Free is the Way for Me! Coloring Book


This product is the perfect tool to spread drug awareness! Help kids learn young about the disasters associated with drug abuse with valuable lessons. This 16-page coloring book also comes with word scramble, jokes, word search, and a signature page.

We hope this article helps you prepare well for Child Health Day! Order from this list or contact us for more giveaway ideas and we will gladly be of help. We look forward to serving your brand soon.

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