6 Fun Promotional Products For April Fool’s Day!

The 1st of April has been observed as April Fool’s Day for many centuries now. Legend has it that April Fool’s Day traces its origins to Geoffrey Chaucer’s ‘The Canterbury Tales’, a book published in 1392.

April Fool’s Day grew in popularity only in the previous two hundred years or so. At Promo Direct, a lot of customers use the occasion to have some fun during marketing events. They believe that distributing fun promotional items for April Fool’s Day will bring them a lot of luck and goodwill – and we agree with them!

Featured below are April Fool’s Day promotional products that can immediately bring a smile on faces. These products are inexpensive and can do a great job of highlighting your brand. All these products are either stress relievers or phone stands. They are compact and easy to distribute as well.

Let’s now go through these April Fool’s Day promo items:

#1 – Moptoppers Stress Reliever

This product features a screen cleaner and stress reliever in one product. The long-lasting microfiber hair serves as a screen cleaner. It is ideal for large and small screens. Count on it for smiles all around!

#2 – Goofy Group™ Poo Stress Reliever

As the name suggests, this product is poo-shaped. The highlight is the Goofy Group™  face on the front. Your customers won’t be offended when you distribute the Goofy Group™ Poo Stress Reliever!

#3 – Goofy Group™ Phone Stand

Made of soft polyurethane, this stress reliever will hold mobile devices with ease. The curved base allows the weight of most devices without tipping over. It’s definitely a looker that offers high utility value.

#4 – Happy Dude Mobile Device Holder

Made of soft polyurethane, this stress reliever is another product in this list that can serve as a mobile holder. It’s the perfect gift for gadget enthusiasts.

#5 – Happy Face Slo-Release Serenity Squishy

This slo-releasing squishy offers a soft and soothing feel. Each squeeze witnesses the Happy Face slowly returning to shape. Made of PU material, this product comes individually packed for easy distribution.

#6 – Feel Great Talking Stress Reliever

This talking stress reliever comes with feather “hair”. Recipients can squeeze it to hear the pre-recorded message: “Woo-hoo! Do I feel great! It’s going to be a stress-free day today!”

We hope you enjoyed the products featured in this list. We recommend that you place an order for one or more of these fun promotional products for an eventful marketing campaign around April Fool’s Day!