6 Drinkware Ideas For Your Next Marketing Campaign


For decades, drinkware has served businesses with the ideal marketing options. The human tendency to get thirsty throughout the day is what helped to make this category of products a winner. At Promo Direct, we get requests for thousands of drinkware products every year. And if you are running out of promotional product ideas, then we recommend that you give mugs and tumblers a try.

We have listed some products here for you so that you know what’s best for your brand from a drinkware perspective.

1. Ceramic Mugs

For decades, ceramic mugs have been used at homes and offices as a beverage companion. They are durable, good-looking and long-lasting! Many businesses swear by the marketing visibility offered by ceramic mugs. You should give them a try as well. They offer decent imprint area and will represent your brand well!

Recommended Buys:

14 oz. Tall Campfire Mug, 15 oz. Allure Collection Mug, and 11 oz. Full Color White Executive Mug

14 oz. Tall Campfire Mug

15 oz. Allure Collection Mug           11 oz. Full Color White Executive Mug




2. Stainless Steel Tumblers

Stainless steel tumblers are renowned for their longevity. They offer large capacities and are great to carry around. A lot of our tumblers come with lids as well. You’ll never go wrong with tumblers as giveaways!

Recommended Buys:

20 oz Econo Stainless Tumbler – Black, 20 oz. Denali Tumbler, and 14 oz. Keke Travel Mug

20 oz Econo Stainless Tumbler - Black

20 oz. Denali Tumbler     14 oz. Keke Travel Mug





3. Aluminum & Steel Bottles

Aluminum and Steel Bottles have a strong reputation that goes back several decades. These bottles are meant for rough use. Not only are they durable but they offer strong visibility that can last years.

Recommended Buys:

20 oz. Aluminum Sports Bottle, 25 oz. Curve Stainless Steel Sports Bottle, and 26 oz. Streamline Stainless Bottle

20 oz. Aluminum Sports Bottle

25 oz. Curve Stainless Steel Sports Bottle      26 oz. Streamline Stainless Bottle





4. Glassware

Our range of glassware can serve as exquisite business gifts. They can be used to serve the finest whiskey, wine or even beer at parties. A lot of customers use our glass collection as gifts to impress their target audience.

Recommended Buys:

8 oz. Wine Glass, 15 oz. Glass Tankard, and 1.75 oz. Super Saver Shot Glass

8 oz. Wine Glass

1.75 oz. Super Saver Shot Glass15 oz. Glass Tankard






5. Paper & Foam Cups

Our disposable cups are lifesavers at parties or events. They are environment-friendly and can provide your brand with economical drinkware options.

Recommended Buys:

8 oz. Paper Cup, 16 oz. Foam Cup, and 16 oz. Paper Cup

8 oz. Paper Cup

16 oz. Paper Cup16 oz. Foam Cup






6. Thermos & Vacuum Bottles

These bottles can keep liquids at optimal temperatures for hours. The utility value offered by these bottles will help recipients keep these bottles for years!

Recommended Buys:

2 in 1 Stainless Steel Vacuum Cooler/Tumbler, 17 oz Stainless Vacuum Pop Bottles – Gunmetal, and 25 oz. Clip-On Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle

2 in 1 Stainless Steel Vacuum Cooler/Tumbler

25 oz. Clip-On Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle17 oz Stainless Vacuum Pop Bottles - Gunmetal






We hope you liked the drinkware products featured here. Get in touch with us and we’ll gladly personalize them for you!