6 Actionable Tips to Up Your Social Media Game in 2021!

By making smart use of social media, businesses can improve brand awareness and grow an immense following in 2021. After all, the number of people spending a significant amount of time on social media each year is growing rapidly. 

If your business has a strong online presence, you can expect the smooth functioning of your business without any hassle. This is because social media is one of the most potent tools to bring in new customers. Smart and effective use can lead to targeted people landing straight to your website and purchasing your products and services. In fact, 75% of people purchase a product because they came across it on social media. 

Keeping that in mind, let us quickly look at six actionable steps you can implement in 2021 to boost your online following and have a prominent social media presence. 

1) Share Work From Home Photos

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, many people are still working from home. A great way to develop a personal connection with your online audience during these difficult times is by sharing work from home pictures. People love to know what’s happening behind the scenes. With people spending more time on social media platforms this year, now is the right time to provide them with those glimpses. Sharing employee DIY work setups, funny work from home pictures, humorous online meeting images will gain immense popularity online. 

2) Reward Your Loyal Online Followers 

Most customers will come and go, but there is a small percentage of online followers that support your every product and help spread the word about your brand. That’s why they deserve to be rewarded. Showing your appreciation with some cool giveaways will go a long way. It will strengthen your relationship with your loyal followers and will encourage others to engage with your brand more frequently.

3) Use Relevant Hashtags

It’s no surprise that hashtags are a vital component of social media marketing. However, hashtags won’t work, unless they are relevant, popular, catchy, and smartly used. By using relevant and popular hashtags, you can easily become a part of larger threads and your brand will be more likely to be noticed. 

You can also get creative and invent your hashtags if you’re running an online contest or making a product announcement. But even then, include one or two popular hashtags that are making rounds on social media to enhance your online presence. 

4) Create Video Content

Video is one of the top consumed content across all social media platforms and that’s not going to change any time soon. Your business needs to create various types of video content to have active engagement with followers and gain new ones. There was a time when videos had to be perfectly polished and of high quality. That time is long gone. In 2021, consumers are attracted to brands that share behind-the-scenes glimpses and candid videos. 

Another great way to build up your following is by using the Live feature of social media platforms and hosting webinars, sharing tutorials, industry insights, and tips.

5) Launch Contests

A popular and proven social media tactic that will never go out of trend is running contests. You can ask people to share your posts, provide comments, upload pictures with your products, and that’s just the beginning. 

You can also ask people to share their experience with your brand or explain why they love your product for a freebie. Giveaway gifts to the people who come up with the most creative answers. The options are truly endless and your efforts will be rewarded with online engagement. However, you need to ensure that your prizes are amazing or people will not put any effort into participating. 

6) Prioritize Connecting With People

Last but not the least, to expand your social media reach in 2021, you must be thinking in terms of building online relationships. You must prioritize connecting with your audience, customers, industry people, and influencers if you wish to stand out. If you have a strong Twitter presence, then start hosting Tweetups to connect with your target audience. Reach out to online influencers and strike a deal that will help raise awareness of your products. Connect with prominent industry experts, interview them, and post the video on your socials. Implementing these networking tips will help you double your viewers and followers in no time.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can craft an enriching social media presence for your brand and reap the marketing rewards for years to come. If you are looking for more innovative marketing ideas, then get in touch with us. Our marketing experts will help take your business to the next level in 2021!