5 Unique Promotional Item Campaigns That We Loved

A unique promotional campaign can help your brand stand out and score huge marketing points over competitors. It provides you with a memorable and fun-filled way to remind customers about your brand.

Look around and you will notice hugely successful marketing campaigns powered by promotional items. Get inspired from them and launch a unique campaign for your brand. Featured here are some campaigns that caught our attention!


House of Cards

House of Cards promoters successfully created a buzz around the season premiere. Netflix mailed its viewers promotional pins and stickers cheering Frank Underwood (show’s protagonist running for president) right after Super Tuesday.

Along with the pens, a note from Underwood saying, “We’ve been through a lot together. Now it’s time to get our hands dirty.” The timing of this promotion was impeccable as Super Tuesday is a crucial date for the real Presidential election.

2. Coca-Cola


The long-running Happiness Truck campaign created a huge impact for Coca-Cola. It became so popular that it developed into an icon for the beverage brand. The campaign involved a red Coca-Cola branded truck that distributed “happiness” as it traveled to different locations around the world.

People would line up to receive free goodies like coke bottles, t-shirts, skateboards, and other promotional merchandise. In addition to the novelty, the branded truck was also a great idea for promotions. The video above shows you the truck’s Malaysian journey.




IAMS, the pet food company, launched a small, smart, and highly effective promotional campaign. They gave away promotional frisbees that looked like barbells and carried the phrase, “Strong Dogs – IAMS Dog Foods” at local dog parks. We love this campaign because it manages to grab the attention of passers-by thanks to its unique design. Moreover, their message is crystal clear – IAMS dog food makes your dog stronger.

4. Colgate

You’d think distributing ice creams and lollipops would be a big no for an oral care brand but that’s exactly what Colgate did. Once these snacks were consumed, sticks in the shape of toothbrushes were revealed that carried the message ‘Don’t forget’ along with the company logo.


These special snacks were distributed during Oral Health Month and other events throughout the year. Their strategic message highlighted the importance of brushing, especially after eating something sugary. The campaign was executed flawlessly and was appreciated by parents and children alike.


Alzheimer’s New Zealand

This one is a simple but cleverly done promotional campaign by Alzheimer’s New Zealand, an organization that spreads awareness about the disease. They distributed USB drives fixed inside hollowed-out erasers to local organizations and politicians to raise awareness.

The message imprinted on the eraser said, “Your Memories. Save Them”, referring to the data saving capability of the USB drive. And on the other side, the company’s website for more information. The success of this campaign won them a Silver Design Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival.


The campaigns listed above have one thing in common – they were unique, carefully planned, and perfectly implemented. A strong message, understanding of your audience, and a clear marketing goal are some of the elements vital for launching a successful campaign.

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