5 Simple Tips to Strengthen Your Business Relationships Virtually

Whether it’s meeting at a networking event and exchanging contact information, talking about product features in a trade show, or simply grabbing a cuppa and talking business, we can agree that there is value in face time with clients/customers. However, the ongoing pandemic has made us think twice about in-person meets.

But that should not deter you from strengthening your business relationships. You can still ensure that your customers know that your brand cares – even if it is virtually. Listed below are 5 simple yet impactful tips to help you stay connected!

#1 – Don’t Multi-Task during a Virtual Chat

Staring at a screen throughout the day can get tiring really fast. It is easy to get distracted by your phone, or an email during a virtual chat. However, not giving your clients/customers your full attention could make them feel like you are not interested or serious about them.

  • Put your phone away, ignore other work obligations, and focus on the conversation. This will help you catch physical or vocal cues that may otherwise be missed.
  • Ask your clients/customers for a virtual meeting. It is much easier to feel connected and stay focused on the conversation when you can see each other.

#2 – Mark the Calendar

Make your clients/customers feel special by wishing them on their birthdays, anniversaries, or any other important days of their lives. You can send them a personalized greeting card with a heartfelt message to make them feel even more special. Adding a personal touch and going the extra mile to make them feel valued is a great way to ensure your business relationship stays strong for years to come.

#3 – Surprise Them with a Gift

Finding small ways to thank your clients/customers is bound to make them smile and feel appreciated. A great way to do that is by sending a thank-you note with a handy gift. Listed below are some ideal business gifts.

1) Bamboo Cutting Board with Gift Box

2) Graphite Deluxe 15″ Computer Backpack

3) Port & Company® – Core Fleece Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

4) Whammo Bluetooth® Speaker

5) Sleek Aluminum Power Bank

You can also send your VIP customers a gift bag that contains items like scented candles, Wine tumblers, chocolates, and hand sanitizer.

 #4 – Host a Virtual Event

Holding a free virtual networking meet, educational event, or an online gathering is a great way to catch up with customers/clients. You can share vital tips, build connections and your attendees will surely appreciate receiving the knowledge that is being shared in the virtual event.

You can go a step further and ship your virtual event attendees some engaging swag items. This way, your attendees can capture the sense of your brand and you can showcase your brand’s personality. Trendy T-shirts, touchless tools, wireless speakers. drinkware makes for excellent virtual event giveaways.

#5 – Keep in Touch

After everything is being said and done, don’t forget to keep in touch. When it comes to strengthening business relationships, consistency matters. So even if you can’t get in touch with them in person, you can still meet up with them on an online coffee talk. You can also randomly mail them a discount on one of your products or services. This will show them that your brand values the relationship.

We hope you have gained some noteworthy insights from this article. If you are looking for more business gift options or need some smart marketing tips for your upcoming customer appreciation campaign then feel free to connect with us. Our experts are here to serve and guide you through every step of the way!