5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for American Promotional Items

Visit a retail store in your area and explore the range of items on offer. You will notice that a lot of products come with tags that say they are made in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, or Mexico! The last two decades have witnessed manufacturing processes taking a back seat in the USA. Most companies prefer outsourcing manufacturing duties to locations where cheaper labor and technology are available in abundance.

There is nothing wrong with this approach except that maybe it’s time to give American manufacturing a boost. A lot of consumers actively seek American products while making their purchases. They understand the importance of ensuring that manufacturing processes go back to the glorious days of the 70′s and 80′s.

The promotional industry has also witnessed a high interest in American promotional items. At Promo Direct, we are aware of the importance of promotional products made in the USA. We have a generous collection of products awaiting personalization by businesses keen on American merchandise.

Go through the following reasons to know why you should opt for American products.

#1 Help generate more jobs for Americans in the manufacturing sector

Higher demand for American merchandise will encourage businesses to set up local facilities. This will lead to positive job generation, ensuring employment levels rises as well.

#2 Spare a thought for foreign workers serving as cheap labor

Most foreign workers work through strenuous 12-hour shifts with little or no employee benefits. Work environments are less than satisfactory and safety regulations are seldom followed. Strong demand for American merchandise will compel businesses to either switch manufacturing to the USA or force their partners to follow better employment practices.

#3 Contribute to ensuring the carbon footprint is reduced significantly

Not many are aware of the importance of reducing the carbon footprint across the world.

The carbon footprint refers to the greenhouse gases released to support our existence. Most of these gases are contributed in the form of carbon dioxide by vehicles. Imagine the carbon footprint involved to transport finished goods, from say, China to the US! Local manufacturing units can contribute to keeping the carbon footprint levels under check.

#4 Don’t ignore quality issues!

Manufacturing processes in the USA have to follow stringent regulations of the industry to ensure their products meet world-class standards. These regulations are seldom followed in foreign countries. At times, some of the products manufactured in foreign factories come with parts that break off easily or present choking hazards.

#5 Let’s boost the American economy!

Buying American merchandise helps the manufacturer enjoy greater success. The entire supply chain gains benefits and this, in turn, helps boost the economy. Using them as giveaways will help you win the appreciation of your target audience.

So start contributing towards making the US a champion of manufacturing. Contact us if you need any American products for use as marketing tools. We offer high-quality products to the quantity of your choice. Get in touch with us to make your purchases!