5 Reasons Why Bamboo-based Products Should Be High On Your Shopping List

Bamboo makes the perfect choice for environment-friendly marketing campaigns since they are reusable and sustainable. They are also high on durability, ensuring that you receive ROI for years on personalized business giveaways. Bamboo is also resistant to stains, heat, odor, water and bacteria, allowing them to be used to create kitchen-based products.

Bamboo products not only look good but are also incredibly functional. They are light-weight and more durable than wood and plastic.

With more noise being made against the hazards of climate change, American organizations are increasingly turning to eco-friendly giveaways to establish rapport with target audiences. Many products masquerade as having eco-friendly attributes, but none are recyclable or biodegradable as bamboo-based products.

We have already gone through some reasons why bamboo promotional products are a hit with marketers. Let’s look at some more reasons why you should consider these products as your next giveaways:

  1. They make excellent business gifts

A useful business gift can make existing customers feel special, allowing you to show your appreciation for their continued patronage. Business appreciation gifts can also impress potential customers, giving them a gentle nudge to opt for your services.

Would you like to give away the Grill Master 5pc Bamboo BBQ Set? Or maybe something less conspicuous such as the Mini Bamboo Blossom Kit? The classy-looking Black Marble and Wood Coaster Set is another product that should be on your radar.

  1. They are trendy and high on technology!

Marketers normally don’t associate bamboo products with technology. At Promo Direct, we have a collection of tech giveaways that can impress and steal the hearts of your target audience. The Skinny Dip Wireless Speaker offers high-quality audio at a reasonable price. The Bamboo Pop Socket adds the value of convenience to your marketing, allowing customers to use their phones or tablets with ease. The Boundary Natural Bamboo 3-in-1 Charging Cable is another product worth your attention. It comes with a micro tip, a USB A tip, a USB Type C tip and a 2-in-1 dual compatible tip.

  1. They serve as excellent drinkware!

The range of bamboo drinkware available in our inventory is mind-boggling. If you are looking for mugs, look no further than the 12 oz Eco-Friendly Wheat Straw Coffee Cup and 15 oz. Campfire Bamboo Mug. You could also opt for tumblers such as the 16 oz Eco-Friendly Bamboo Fiber Tumbler. You could also browse through bottles such as the 20 oz. Woodgrain Vacuum Bottle with Bamboo Lid.

  1. They are great aids for kitchens

The stylish bamboo kitchen products available at Promo Direct will quickly prove their worth as they can surpass the shelf life of other common kitchen products. Examples include the Rhein Bamboo Cutting Board, Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle, and Lorenzi 4 Piece Bamboo Cheese Tray.

  1. They make excellent writing instruments

Our bamboo-based writing instruments write well and offer a comfortable grip. Examples include the Bamboo Ballpoint Pen, Brixton Harvest Pen, and Bamboo Harvest Writer Pen.

Hope you find these products useful. Feel free to opt for one or more bamboo giveaways from our inventory to power your brand to more marketing glory. Get in touch with us if you need more marketing insights.