5 Promotional Wall Clocks For A Unique Marketing Campaign

Promotional Wall Clocks

We live in a digital world where everything we value most has gone online. People rely on cell phones, laptops or tablets to get through daily tasks. Let’s take the example of watches; most people have forgotten the value of owning an old-fashioned wrist watch. They rely on their cell phones to know the time or quickly view a calendar.

But one thing we at Promo Direct know is that “Old is Gold“. A lot of our customers are realizing that wall clocks can serve as excellent giveaways. This is because they are big in size and offer high utility value. What’s more, wall clocks can be displayed at strategic locations in rooms to grab the attention of passerby.

So, if you opt for wall clocks as giveaways, then you are launching a unique marketing campaign that can set your brand apart from competitors.

At Promo Direct, you have access to promotional wall clocks in a range of shapes, colors, and sizes. The best thing about these clocks is that your branding can be viewed in its full glory. Let’s look at 5 popular wall clocks from our inventory.

Most of these clocks are aimed at cherished customers and employees who have worked with your business for years. They’ll happily showcase these clocks at offices or homes for everybody to see.

1. 10″ Economy Wall Clock

Economy Wall Clock

Available in black, white, red and blue, the 10″ Economy Wall Clock features quartz analog movement. The main highlight is the large 8 1/2” diameter imprint area. The thin frame ensures that this product is light-weight and easy to distribute. Each wall clock comes with a gift box. A battery is included.

2. 10″ Brushed Metal Wall Clock

Brushed Metal Wall Clock

This wall clock has an elegant brushed metal case featuring a glass lens. This clock is gift boxed and comes with a battery. It is quite popular at reunions and as office giveaways.

3. 16″ Giant Wall Clock

Giant Wall Clock

This large wall clock is available in black and silver colors. It features quartz analog movement and comes in a metallic or plastic frame (your choice). The slim width allows for convenient hanging. An AA battery is included. This clock comes packaged in a white gift box. Place an order today!

4. 12″ Slim Wall Clock

Slim Wall Clock

The 12″ Slim Wall Clock features quartz analog movement. Available in black plastic or metallic silver frame, this clock has a slim width for convenient handling. An AA battery is included. The clock comes packed in a white gift box.

5. 12″ Economy Wall Clock

Economy Wall Clock

The 12” Economy Wall Clock has quartz analog movement. The main highlight is the 10” diameter imprint area. Just like the other clocks in this list, this product comes in a gift box and includes a battery.

We hope you liked the wall clocks featured here. Choose one or more of these clocks and get in touch with us to personalize them. We also invite you to browse through our entire range of promotional watches and clocks to explore more options. Happy Shopping!