5 Office Giveaways For Your Next Marketing Campaign

5 Office Giveaways For Your Next Marketing Campaign

“All work and no play makes…”

Well, we know how the above proverb ends! A lot of businesses invest in office giveaways to add a bit of fun to the work environment. Imagine desks with colorful sticky notes, bright mouse pads, and employees in smart, personalized tees!

You could rely on our wide range of office-themed giveaways to impress employees or customers. They will remember your brand more often when they view these giveaways at work. Giving away office items is a legitimate business strategy that can help you reap a lot of rewards.

We have listed 5 popular office products that can help recipients remember your brand more often.

1. Sticky Book

Sticky Book

As the name suggests, this product comes in a protective book-like enclosure with sticky pads in three different sizes. There are:

  • 100 yellow sheets in 4″ x 3″ size
  • 25 yellow sheets in 3″ x 2″ size
  • 25-page marker strips in 5 neon colors

The enclosure book is available in several attractive colors, including Lime Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, and lots more! This product will help office-goers stay on top of their daily tasks while helping them remember your brand more often!

2. Apollo USB Drive 8GB

Apollo USB Drive 8GB

This 8 GB flash drive features a sleek and stylish design. It can fit easily in pockets and is a great addition to homes or offices. The silver-colored product allows you to choose a trim color of your choice. The eventual dual color is appealing and will win the attention of your target audience.

Recipients can count on this product to store and move documents, pictures, music and other media. Your logo has good visibility and will definitely ensure that your brand is remembered on a daily basis.

3. Dolphin Business Briefcase

Dolphin Business Briefcase

This bag is part of our Free 24 Hour Rush service, which means that we will ship the next day after receiving your order! Made of 600D polycanvas, this durable bag has a zippered main compartment. It also has open side pockets and an accessory pocket.

Other highlights are pen sleeves at the sides and 12.5″ extra strong top carry handles. The 1.5″ wide adjustable shoulder pad ensures that the recipient can carry this bag around with ease. People will love carrying this useful and spacious bag to work!

4. MopTopper Screen Cleaner with Stylus Pen (Fair Skin Color)

MopTopper Screen Cleaner with Stylus Pen

This pen with a funny face can do a lot of marketing wonders for your brand! Recipients will love this product. It features a screen cleaner with a stylus pen. This click-action ballpoint pen has a smiley face, a tie-shaped clip, and mop-top hair. The soft silicone tip can be used with touchscreen devices.

The long-lasting microfiber hair serves as an effective screen cleaner. The base body is made of ABS plastic. Apart from fair skin color, the other skin colors available are Tan Skin Color (#30197) and Brown Skin Color (#30198).

5. Impressa Clock/Organizer

Impressa Clock or Organizer

This product is basically a colored metallic mesh pen cup featuring an LCD Time Display that shows the day and date. A countdown clock and thermometer (Fahrenheit or Celsius) are other highlights. This product has 2 spring-loaded hideaway storage drawers. It comes with 2 AG13/LR44 batteries included. Made of plastic, this product comes individually boxed.

We hope you found the 5 products useful. We recommend that you go through our range of mouse pads and t-shirts as well. Get in touch with us with us for small business tips or marketing ideas that will drive your business forward in the right direction!