3 Reasons to visit a Trade Show

  • Assess competitors¡¯ products and marketing initiatives:

Trade shows provide the perfect opportunity to learn about your competitors¡¯ marketing strategies and offerings. These events allow you to collect information that can provide you with a competitive advantage in the long run. Gather promotional literature from competitors¡¯ exhibition booths and speak to their sales staff to determine who their biggest customers are and what their latest product additions are.

  • Promote your brand and generate brand awareness:

Distribute cost-effective Promotional Giveaways that have high-perceived value among your target audience and complement your company image. A tradeshow is a rare occasion where potential suppliers, potential distributors and most importantly, potential customers are all at one venue. Make the most of this by giving attendees functional Corporate Gifts like Imprinted Promotional Pens to remember your company by. Research has shown that most recipients of promotional products hold on to these items for a year or more. Promotional products have also been proven to increase customers¡¯ purchasing intent.

  • Networking with key industry partners:

Set concrete goals before you go to a tradeshow. Aim to meet at least 3 new distributors, 3 new suppliers and learn about major industry trends. The only way you will get the most out of a tradeshow is by speaking to as many people there as you can. Of course, every person spoken to can be subtly directed to your booth and presented with your promotional products. Networking can be exhausting but it will be worth it when you see the results! So the next time you hear about an industry Tradeshow, register in time.

You won¡¯t regret it!

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