10 Ways To Add Creativity To Your Marketing Campaign

The ads that leave a lasting impression on our minds are often the ones that are most creative. These ads use original ideas to create something truly unique and appealing for your target audience.

Creativity is like oxygen for marketing and influences how we understand customers who use our products. It also helps to make sense of brand challenges, and come up with memorable solutions that help build businesses and drive sales.

A creative approach in marketing will help your brand stand out from the competition. It helps mold the way a customer envisions us. Today, marketing is harder than it has ever been. The Internet has spoilt your target audience, providing them with access to a wide range of products at their fingertips. Let’s look at some simple yet creative ways to get your brand more mileage in the marketing world:

  1. Partner with another account or brand

Join together with an account or brand that isn’t a direct competitor but complements your own services. Search for a collaboration partner that has:

  • Matching marketing goals
  • The same target audience and buyer personas

You could join together for a cause, feature each other on social media, or launch a project together that promotes services from both brands.

  1. Introduce clever/funny explainer videos

Create clever or funny explainer videos that talk about your brand and explain what you do. Promote the videos on social media, YouTube, or TikTok. It’s a great way to introduce new people to your brand.

  1. Use listicle videos to ensure your content is more shareable

Convert you content into listicle videos for easy sharing, and add these videos at the top of your blog page. Search engines favor pages with a video embedded at the top and this will help you to rank high on social media.

  1. Include user-generated content

Why not give your followers a chance to get featured on your blog or website? The few minutes in the spotlight will make them special and attached to your brand.

Invite followers to share videos and images that can be used in your marketing. User-generated content has amazing word-of-mouth and will do your branding efforts a world of good.

  1. Host an online workshop 

You could host an online workshop to teach users how to users your products or services. This helps to break the barriers of in-person events brought about by the pandemic.

If you sell beauty products, you could host online makeup sessions and if you sell homeware products, you could host virtual cooking classes.

  1. Host an online or in-person trivia night 

Trivia nights are super-popular and can add a fun element to your marketing efforts. If you can’t host an in-person event, you could run it virtually. Ensure that you promote it well with a promo on social media.

  1. Plan for a viral video

We know it’s difficult to create a viral video for your brand. But practice makes perfect –

here are some quick pointers:

  • The video should deliver its message even with the sound turned off
  • The first 10 seconds should be captivating
  • The video should be relevant and shareable for the target audience
  • Only experienced video creators should work on viral videos
  1. Market your most recognizable feature

If there something your brand is known for? Highlight it so that there is better brand recall around your brand. This will ensure that people remember your brand fondly.

  1. Join the 1:1 Video Bandwagon

The evolution of 1:1 videos has helped many brands achieve marketing success. A 1:1 or personalized video is created for a specific person or a specific group of people. It is meant to recreate in-person or one-on-one conversations to have a maximum conversational impact with your target audience.26.

  1. Find opportunities to distribute giveaways

Find reasons to distribute giveaways such as promotional pens, personalized mugs or customized calendars. You could host a contest or give freebies away as employee appreciation gifts.

We hope the tips featured in this article help you boost creativity for your next marketing campaign. Get in touch with us for more creative ideas and we’ll gladly be of help!