10 Sensational BIC Pens Under $1 For A Colorful Marketing Campaign!

BIC Pens

BIC pens have a legacy of close to 75 years! This French brand is renowned for disposable consumer products such as razors, lighters, and office stationery. Probably the most popular BIC products are their desirable, colorful and long-writing pens!

There are a couple of reasons why people prefer BIC pens:

  • Amazing brand recognition
  • High visual appeal
  • Durable and long-lasting quality
  • Top-quality ink with easily available refills
  • Highly economical p©rices

Yes, the majority of BIC pens are available at very low prices. In fact, we have plenty of popular BIC pens that are available for less than a dollar. We have featured some of these promotional items here for your consideration.

1. Bic® Clic Stic

Bic® Clic Stic

The most popular pen in our inventory, the Bic® Clic Stic is a best-seller! You can choose the barrel and trim color of your choice. Featuring a break-resistant pocket clip, this pen is available in several ink colors. It’s the ideal promotional product!



2. Bic® Grip Roller Pen

Bic® Grip Roller Pen

The Bic® Grip Roller Pen features a textured grip made of non-slip black rubber. This two-piece roller has a nickel-plated silver clip.




3. Bic® Clic-Matic® Pencil

Bic® Clic-Matic® Pencil

This pencil has a side lead advance mechanism. Made of plastic and featuring .7mm #2 graphite, this pencil is a marketing winner. It has a black textured rubber grip for convenient gripping.




4. Bic® WideBody® Retractable

Bic® WideBody® Retractable

This pen is refillable and long-lasting. It provides 1.2 miles of writing ink! You can choose the barrel and trim color. This pen’s wide profile provides an impressive imprint area.




5. Bic® Brite Liner Grip

Bic® Brite Liner Grip

The Bic® Brite Liner Grip features a bright barrel. The textured grey rubber grip is another highlight. This pen is great to hold and write with. The chisel tip offers broad-line highlighting or fine-line underlining.




6. Bic® Tri-Stic® Clear

Bic® Tri-Stic® Clear

The Bic® Tri-Stic® Clear is a popular retractable pen with clear barrel colors and a frosted trim. This pen offers 1.2 miles of writing ink.




7. Bic® WideBody® Value Pen

Bic® WideBody® Value Pen

This pen comes with a white barrel as standard. You can choose the trim and ink color. The wide-profile design provides an impressive imprint area that’s hard to miss!




8. Bic® Honor Silver Pen

Bic® Honor Silver Pen

This pen comes with a silver barrel and trendy accent colors. The BIC Boy logo is featured on both sides of the barrel. The chrome-plated plunger is another highlight.




9. Bic® Journey Pen

Bic® Journey Pen

This sleek pen features a twist-action mechanism. It is retractable and has a wide-profile design. The stylish metal clip is another highlight.




10. Bic® Pivo® Gold

Bic® Pivo® Gold

This pen has a gold plated trim for a classy look. It writes well and looks great!





We hope you liked the selection featured here. Hop on to our site if you need to view our entire BIC pen collection. Get in touch with us if you need more marketing ideas and we’ll gladly help.