10 Promotional Toys For Your Next Marketing Initiative

Not many are aware that promotional toys can do a wonderful marketing job (even if your target audience comprises adults). This is because toys have a certain nostalgic factor associated with them. They trigger a range of emotions among members of your target audience, helping them connect with your brand in a big way.

Featured here are 10 products you should explore and consider for your next marketing campaign.

  1. Rawlings Official Baseball

Made of genuine leather, the Rawling baseball is a great gift for baseball enthusiasts. It comes individually polybagged to ensure each gift is special and memorable. Your logo will proudly feature on it!

  1. Rubber Duck

This cute duck is available with Free 24 Hour Rush Service – order today and we ship in 24 hours! This product can be used as a stress reliever. Recipients can also take these ducks home to their children. This product floats on water and will serve as the ideal bathing companion for kids.

  1. Crayon Fun Pack

This pack is perfect for kids of all ages! It features non-toxic crayons in the following colors – Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. This product is Lead/CPSIA-tested and meets safety standards.

  1. Wooden Train Whistle

Blow into this whistle to produce an authentic train sound! It can produce different tones based on the placement of lips on the two holes. This product is made of pine wood and is recyclable. It is available with stock imprint that says “Train Whistle” and “Choo- Choo”.

  1. Light Up Yo-Yo

Here is another product available with 24 Hour Rush Service. This yo-yo features red blinking lights that illuminate when used. Made of plastic, this yo-yo is great fun for people of all ages!

  1. Dart Rocket

This fun rocket features an aerodynamic design. It is constructed out of durable and wear-resistant foam to last a long time.

  1. Wind Up Robots

Wind up these robots and watch them do an energetic dance routine! These robots can bend their arms and flex their knees! A highlight is the disc featuring your logo – it rotates as well during the dance routine! These bots don’t rely on batteries but green power.

  1. 2″ LED YoYo

Made of plastic, this yoyo comes in 3 exciting colors. The LED light is powered by non-replaceable batteries.

  1. 24″ Wooden Hockey Stick

This hockey stick is 24″ long and made of wood. It’s a great gift for hockey enthusiasts and will serve as great representatives of your brand!

  1. 12 Building Block Set

This building block set is unique and unlike anything you’ve seen before! It allows you to put a different word on each block. You can mix or match your choice of 7 block colors.

Get in touch and let us know which product you would like to opt for. We will gladly personalize it for you!

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