10 Inexpensive BIC Products For National Ballpoint Pen Day

National Ballpoint Pen Day

June 10, 1943, was a historic day, it was on this day that a patent was filed for the world’s first ballpoint pen. Prior to 1943, anybody who wanted to write would use a fountain pen or a pencil.

Over the years, the simplicity offered by ballpoint pens have made it the preferred choice of millions across the world. Today, June 10th is celebrated globally as National Ballpoint Pen Day.

Many businesses use this observance to score some brownie points with customers and employees. Marketers love using ballpoint pens as advertising tools because they are hugely inexpensive and offer a good writing experience to users. What’s more, ballpoint pens can last long, providing your brand with amazing ROI.

At Promo Direct, we have a huge collection of ballpoint pens to highlight your brand. For example, our BIC ballpoint pens are available in amazing colors and sizes. And most of them are available for less than a dollar in bulk purchases. So, place an order for hundreds of any of the following promotional items and gain quality visibility for your brand!

1. Bic® Image Grip Pen

Bic® Image Grip Pen

This pen features a colorful BIC Boy cut-out on either side of the barrel. The sleek clip design will connect with your target audience. Other highlights include a textured grip and chrome-plated accents. This pen features 1.2 mm black ink for bold lines.

2. BIC® Velocity® Ballpoint Pen

BIC® Velocity® Ballpoint Pen

This pen is available in 4 popular translucent colors. The matching rubber grip provides control and comfort while writing. It is renowned for offering 1.2 miles of writing ink! It is refillable and can serve your brand for years.

3. Bic® Grip3® Ball Pen

Bic® Grip3® Ball Pen

This product is the 2nd most expensive pen in this list. It is bulky and writes like a superstar! Available at a bulk price of $4.83, this pen will hit the right notes for your marketing campaign. It is soft and features a three-sided rubber grip with chrome-plated accents. The twist-style ballpoint also features a black velour sleeve.

4. Bic® Worthington Chrome Ballpoint

Bic® Worthington Chrome Ballpoint

Say hello to the most expensive pen on this list! At a bulk price of $6.70, this pen can still fit in most marketing budgets. A lot of our customers rightly use this pen as business gifts. It features polished chrome plating and comes with 22K gold-plated accents. Your logo will be laser engraved on the cap or barrel.

5.  Bic® Verse Pen

Bic® Verse Pen

This pen features a translucent clip and comes with a matching solid barrel. The textured rubber grip offers a comfortable writing experience. The BIC Boy logo is featured on both sides of the barrel. This pen has a chrome-plated plunger action and will win hearts in no time.

6. Bic® Digital Round Stic® Pen

Bic® Digital Round Stic® Pen

This pen features a ventilated cap design. A white barrel comes as standard. The ink options available are as follows: Black, Red, Blue and Purple for Medium Point. Black and Blue for Fine Point.

7. Bic® Rize Pen

Bic® Rize Pen

This pen comes with colorful translucent barrels. It has white wrap-around clips that feature a die-cut BIC Boy. The textured gripping section and chrome-plated plunger are other highlights.

8. Bic® Image Pen

Bic® Image Pen

The popular BIC logo of a boy is visible on each side of the barrel. This pen features a stylish clip design and has a chrome-plated plunger.

9. Bic® Honor Clear Pen

Bic® Honor Clear Pen

This pen comes with translucent barrel colors and a trendy clip. Working with a plunger action, this plastic pen can do a lot of marketing wonders for your brand.

10. Bic® Avenue Pen

Bic® Avenue Pen

The brightly colored barrels will win your brand a lot of attention. Other highlights include a black matte clip, a black rubber grip, and a chrome-plated section. Place an order today for this amazing pen today!

We are confident you will fall in love with these pens! Order one or more of these pens today and watch as your brand soars to new heights. Browse through our website or contact us if you need more ideas for promotional products.