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Does your personality type match your business?

Does your personality type match your business?

There are a wide range of books and articles on the internet that will give you segregations of the different types of entrepreneurs and suggest business ideas for beginners based on varied parameters. Some of them set up their theories on the lines of different business like retailing, food industry, export and imports and internet business while others derive conclusions by examining different personality types. All these studies are true, but it is rather difficult to understand that persona links to specific business. I am therefore going to attempt to combine some of these aspects to help you decide the best suited business.

Retail business, marketers and outgoing persona: Carl Jung, a psychologist, calls outgoing persona "Extravert" in his book "Psychologische Typen" and defines some personality traits that are associated with it. An extravert or "out-turning" person according to him is someone who is action oriented and prefers frequent interaction. As apparent, retail business, marketers and advertisers are the people who need to go "out there" and interact with people.

Online businesses, ad world and artistic persona: Online businesses often face a wide range of competitors. "The melting pot of businesses" namely the online world, is where competitors came from across countries and different services. Add world similarly faces neck to neck competition and grapples with constantly changing concepts and ideas which they can cash on. With this requirement, there is little doubt that out-of-the-box creativity is essential and that is where an artistic persona fits just right.

While the above stated examples are not exhaustive and do not offer comprehensive personality and business associations, these are some starting pointers. You can use these business tips to assess yourself and determine the business development strategy that spells your success.

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