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Promo Direct brings you an in-depth overview of various techniques and branding strategies in Promotional Marketing and Brand Management, while the Promotional Industry Fact sheets listed on this page will help you get a better perspective of the industry trends. We also provide you with information on Promotional Products and Giveaways that can be used to get your brand noticed and remembered at the lowest possible cost. You can browse through our Weekly Tips and learn how to successfully build your promotional activities. Why should you do business with us? Our Why Promo Direct offers many reasons, guaranteed to convince you..

Promotional Marketing
& Brand Management
  • Labor Day¡ªYour Chance To Appreciate Your Employees With Promo Items
  • October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month¡ªPerfect Time To Show You Care
  • Back-To-School With Promo Direct
  • International Youth Day¡ªA Great Opportunity To Celebrate The Youth
  • Does Your Current Company Logo Need To Retire?
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Promotional Industry Factsheets
  • Are promotional products more cost effective than other mediums of advertising?
  • Corporate Spending trends in 2010 ¨C an ASI study
  • The Origin of Promotional Products - Then to Now
  • Impact, Exposure and Influence of Promotional Products
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Weekly Tips & Ideas to
help you build successful promotional activities
  • Which countries are best for Women in Business?
  • The best business lessons are learned from the competitors (Learn from your
    competitors mistakes)
  • Does your personality type match your business?
  • Business Tip: Using Promotional Items on Valentine's Day
  • Tips for Retailers in 2011
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Why Promo Direct?
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  • Ways to ensure that your brand name sits on your customers desks
  • Cost-effective solutions for you every time!
  • Live Help - Latest addition to Promo Direct website & why is it important for
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