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3 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Blog in 2011
10th January, 2011
Over the years, companies in every industry have realized the relevance of corporate blogs. You might have a significant number of followers on your blog; however, there is always scope for improvement. In fact, if you don’t review your blog regularly and incorporate changes, you might lose the interest of your followers.
And what better time to improve your blog than at the beginning of a new year?
So here are tips for you to get started:
1. Be Yourself:
The best part about a blog is that it gives you the opportunity to be yourself and share your true opinions on a variety of topics. So make the most of this opportunity. Just because your blog is a corporate one, you don’t have to be serious all the time. Your customers already know about your products and services through your website and other advertising mediums. So share interesting stories and fun facts about your company or employees on your blog. Humor always works but what works even better is being yourself. So don’t forget to stay true to yourself when you’re writing your corporate blog.
2. Analyze:
Use blog analytics like Google analytics to determine which blog posts attract more attention. You should not just focus on blog posts that get the most traffic but also note where that traffic is coming from. Once you know the topics your readers find interesting, you will be better suited to constantly writing posts that appeal to them.
3. Use Feedback:
Ensure that the feedback your blog gets is shared with all employees in your company. Be it positive or negative feedback, your employees and colleagues can’t improve if they don’t know what they’re doing wrong. Similarly, if your customers appreciate certain company activities, it needs to be shared with all employees so that your team can keep doing what appeals to customers.

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