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Tips on Using Eco Friendly Products

Eco-friendly promotional products are impressive marketing tools to promote your business. In fact, ‘going green’ is trending amongst companies across the world. Following are a few tips on using such eco-friendly products.

1) Have a Purpose: Distributing eco friendly products without a purpose would look meaningless. Having a purpose or reason to give them away is important to support global issues. For example, you could participate or organize a fundraising event and giveaway these products that time.

2) Be Supportive: Make sure you support eco-friendliness and discuss global environmental issues at the event. Do your research well and initiate supportive conversations with clients and customers.

3) Be Cautious: If you are giving away eco friendly products make sure you organize or portray yourself accordingly. You can’t be talking about the welfare of the environment while smoking a cigarette or littering around the event. Be cautious of what you say and do.

Choose from our wide collection of eco friendly promotional products including environmentally friendly drinkware, magnets, tote bags and other tradeshow giveaways.

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