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Promotional Products Vs. Business Cards

Ever since visiting cards were introduced by the Chinese in the 15th century, they have been widely used to promote a company or an individual’s services. In America, business cards were a rage in the eighties and nineties with the average American receiving anything between fifty and hundred in a year.

But how effective are they? Let us admit it – business cards no longer have the same value today as they did before. Today, if a person receives a business card, he is more likely to do one of the following:
• Place the card along with several others in a folder/purse and then forget entirely about it.
• Place the card in his pocket and dump it as soon as he reaches home!

Here is the truth – people no longer like receiving these paper-based cards. It is high time we moved on. It is time for a revolution in the way you promote your business.

The next time you want to introduce your brand, do it with something that is useful – a product that can represent your business and serve your brand with distinction. If you have a business meeting, dump the business cards and give away promotional mugs or personalized pens imprinted with your company’s details. This will help to create a good first impression about your business in the minds of prospective customers. Moreover, a useful promotional product will find pride of place on the recipient’s desk, highlighting your brand to a wider audience.

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