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"I distributed these totes to the attendees at tradeshow. They have now become walking billboards for my brand. " -Adam W., Hudson

"A sweet and adorable collection. " -Sandy Morris, Leavenworth

"Thanks. The backpack is as stated on the page. " -Kyle E., Bethel

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5 Essential Ways to Market a Business with Promotional Products

Promotional products are useful tools to market your business. They are renowned to be consistent in generating a recurring impact on users and intrigue them towards companies and their specialties. Business promotional products also provide an incredible opportunity to carry out effective marketing.

Here are 5 essential ways to market your business with the help of promotional items:

1) Use them as invitations Instead of giving them away without any specific reason, try using them as invitations for important or extravagant occasions. For example, you could send across a box of chocolates with a card including a message: "We are pleased to invite you to celebrate our company’s 25th year of operation".

2) Sponsor Events Try hosting an event to acquire more leads for sales and impress existing clients and customers. You can organize a fund raising event for a NGO or probably a fun golf competition for your corporate customers and giveaway imprinted promotional merchandise at the event. Give each participant a gift bag with efficient products that they could use frequently.

3) Send Direct Mailers Send across mails to existing clients, investors or customers with a thank you note imprinted on it. Or introduce your company and its products or services by sending free gifts or samples to potential customers. Direct mail campaigns have proven to be a great way for new business to establish their name in the market.

4) Socialize Do not hesitate to discuss about your promotional ideas whenever you get an opportunity to do socialize with people. Giving away an imprinted promotional products while talking about them could create an unforgettable first impression; so always keep them handy! Also, try distributing products imprinted with contact details instead of visiting cards. You will be surprised to see their impact on receivers.

5) Analyze Analyzing promotional products is extremely important to perform better in the future. Request your customers to submit feedback on the gifts they received from your company. This will help you evaluate your efforts and rectify your mistakes for future promotions.

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