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Customer Testimonials

"We wanted to give worthy and useful gifts to our customers so bought these padfolios. I loved them and your customer services were simply great. Thank You. " -Liling O., York

"We used these calendars along with other marketing items last year. " -Shauna W., Dearborn

"This one had all the features we were looking for in a pen. We ordered these pens last month and gave them away at a management workshop last week." -Shelly Martin, Los Angeles

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3 Valuable tips on how to treat new customers

1) Treat them like they matter:
It may sound like common sense but many companies don’t realize that the systems they have in place are sending the wrong message to their new and potential customers. If you truly value your customers, you won’t keep them on hold for minutes on end. If your automated recording message tells customers that their call is important to you but if they have to wait for 5 minutes or more until they can speak to someone, the real message you are conveying is that they are not that important to you, after all.

2) Simplify your customer’s lives: Ensure that when customers call your company, their calls are not transferred from one department to the other. Also, ensure that customers are not passed on to other representatives. One customer representative should deal with the customer from the start to the end of the client servicing process. A customer finds it easier to deal with one person and can form a long-lasting relationship with one representative. Introducing customers to too many employees of a company will just confuse the customer.

3) Apologize when you’re wrong: Everyone makes mistakes. Customers will forgive you for mistakes made, provided you sincerely apologize and rectify your errors. In fact, research has shown that a customer’s brand loyalty is stronger towards a company that made a mistake but rectified it, as opposed to a company that never made a mistake in the first place. A great way to win back a disgruntled customer’s loyalty is through promotional giveaways such as business gifts, Candy and promotional pens.

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