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California Prop 65
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Prop 65 is a law that was passed in California in 1986. It states that products may contain one or more of approximately 750 common substances that may cause cancer or reproductive harm. This law also states that any company that delivers these products to addresses in California MUST place a warning on the product, usually in the form of a sticker.

What is the risk level? For a chemical that causes cancer, the "no significant risk level" is defined as the level of exposure that would result in not more than one excess case of cancer in 100,000 individuals exposed to the chemical over a 70-year lifetime. In other words, a person exposed to the chemical at the "no significant risk level" for 70 years would not have more than a "one in 100,000" chance of developing cancer as a result of that exposure.

If you are a customer receiving a product in California and you have concerns about a product containing the Prop 65 warning, please inquire about the product you are purchasing before ordering. For more information on Prop 65, please visit http://www.oehha.ca.gov/prop65.html

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