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Promotional Items By Shape

Familiar shapes to get your brand noticed
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Car & Truck



Paw & Star


A lot of buyers have specific needs for their business and it makes sense to shop by shape for them. Here is the category of shapes available with us- Apple- People associate health and well-being with apples. So, you can use apple-shaped products to promote a brand or message for sectors like healthcare, retail, fitness and more. Car & Truck- If you are in a business that deals with cars or trucks, then the items featured on this page are perfect for you. Heart- Heart-shaped promo giveaways are a rage with our buyers. They symbolize love and are perfect giveaways to celebrate special occasions such as World Heart Day and Valentine's Day. House- Everybody can identify with houses. Domains like construction, housing, insurance or mortgage, can use these giveaways to promote their business. Paw & Star- The star shape is one of the most easily recognizable symbols in the world. And who doesn't like dogs? You will love them our star and paw-shaped products. So go through our range and choose your personalized items by shape only at Promo Direct.